My Favourite Podcasts

So I travel about 3 hours to work (there and back) which leaves me plenty of time to fill in. Much of this time is spent listening to podcasts- obviously, true crime podcasts! Here is my first list (I'm not giving them all away up front!) of some of my favourite true crime podcasts. These come with my highest recommendation; 

- The Vanished Podcast. Hosted my Marissa Jones, she investigates open cases of missing persons, and interviews people connected to the case, such as the family members of the missing. A must listen for any armchair detectives or those that like to try and solve a puzzle. 

- Criminal. Hosted my Phoebe Judge, these short episodes tell real stories about crime, in a whole new way! Expect the unexpected- these are not your run of the mill crime stories! And that is exactly what makes it so captivating. 

- Sword and Scale. "Proving that the worst monsters are real", this podcasts covers everything from serial murders, missing person cases, unsolved cases and everything in between. Not for faint hearted. You've been warned! 

- Real Crime Profile. Hosted by Jim Clemente, Laura Richards and Lisa Zambetti, they profile real, and very infamous criminal cases. A must listen for any criminal minds fan. If you thought the TV show exaggerates the heinous nature of the crimes portrayed, prepare to learn that this is far from true.

Have a listen and let me know what you think! 


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